Magnesium RosenSole 150 ml - deep relaxing and fragrant

Lakshmi RosenSole with 31% magnesium salt content feels oily. MgCl2 brine is therefore often also called magnesium oil. Lakshmi RosenSole has a discreet very pleasant rose fragrance due to the rose hydrolate used. 10-20 sprays are sufficent for the daily requirement of magnesium according to the rechommendation of sports therapists.

(additional information: Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. It is said to support electrolytic balance, energy metabolism, nervous system function, muscle activity and protein synthetis. It is also important for mental activity and the healthy preservation of bones and teeth. And magnesium is said to be involved in the cell divison process.)

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Magnesium RosenSole 150 ml - deep relaxing and fragrant

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