Lakshmi Mini Flacon Perfumeset

Luxury comes alive where indifference is put to rest. Perfumes of enchanting uniqueness, each one perfect and no two alike: Achilles, Bhaga, Dhuup, Lakshmi (pour homme and pour femme), Lyra, Masala, Rose, Sita. Made of natural ingredients in strict accordance with ayurvedic tradition – no stabilizers, no synthetic fragrances. A luxury you will never want to do without again.

1x Eau de Toilette Rose mini flacon

The precious mantle of fragrance, noble and pure. My selected creation between romantic harmony and discreet sensuality. Its secret is the pure, unadulterated rose fragrance from different continents.

1x Eau de Parfum Sita mini flacon

Full of mystery and allurement. Feminine and beautiful. Jasmine blossoms and sandalwood are the basis for this fragrance composition – adorable and exotic, like an oriental night. Preserves and cultivates my inner freedom.

1x Eau de Parfum Lyra mini flacon

Fascinating and attractive. For the intelligent, self-confident woman who is aware of her charms – but without provocation. Extravagant and discreet, invigorating and timeless.

1x Eau de Parfum Dhuup mini flacon

Classic incense-myrrh fragrance, balanced with the concinnity of mimosa. Inspires me to unfold my inner strength. Cleansing and innovative. Attracts fascinated attention.

1x Eau de Toilette Achilles mini flacon

sensual and radiant. The noble fragrance of sandalwood and citrus awakens memories of Achilles, the legendary Greek hero – vulnerable and proud at once. Full of grace and vitality, eternally beautiful. A fragrance that unites and overcomes barriers.

1x Eau de Toilette Baga mini flacon

Charismatic and exhilarating – the fragrance of the new generation. Fresh, austere compositions of musk seeds, bergamot and sandalwood. Extravagant, passionate, desirable. Awakens my senses and makes me yearn for more.

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Lakshmi Duftset

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