Demeter - Biodynamic

Demeter cosmetics are aligned with the holistic approach to biodynamic agriculture. The cosmetic Guidelines are part of the Demeter principles for cultivation, processing, packaging and labeling. These are known worldwide as the most consistent quality regulations for high-quality organic products. Together with craftsmanship and the deep conviction of the producers and manufacturers, they are a guarantee of the best possible quality in all products. Consumers place a high degree of trust in Demeter products and Demeter natural cosmetics are especially appreciated by those who want mild, wholesome and consistent care products from biodynamic Demeter raw materials as well as gentle, value-preserving processing.

Products bearing the orange Demeter trademark contain at least 66-90 percent Demeter raw materials. Almost all of the ingredients used could also be put to use in the production of food since they are health-wise and ecologically absolutely harmless. The Demeter raw materials contained in natural cosmetic products may also be awarded certification regardless of the quantity in the declaration of ingredients. Thirdly, the category „in readjustment“ exists for cosmetics using Demeter ingredients. In this way, the greatest possible transparency is always available to the consumer.

The advantages of Demeter certified Lakshmi natural cosmetics are:


  • Demeter raw material content of 66-90 percent plant substances
  • high biodegradability
  • best quality of raw materials through the use of biodynamic preparations to produce the most fertile soil and best possible quality of maturity
  • careful processing methods without synthetic or chemical additives
  • complete transparency of declaration. The consistent eschewal of mineral oils, benzene, hexane, propylene glycol or butylene, raw materials derived from animals, use of genetic engineering and nanoparticles, radioactive irradiation or fumigation.